Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bass Boat Security

boat security locking bar
If you travel a lot with your bass boat and spend numerous nights in hotels rooms you can not overlook the security of your equipment.  We use the loc r bar boat security system to protect our most valuable items like electronics and rods and reals. I really like this system as it detours criminals but also has the added feather of the option detecting lock that lets out a big siren if the there is eccessive movement of the lock.  When you are not hooked up to your rig be sure to make it difficult for a thief to hook to your boat.  I take the pin out of the swing away tongue and drop a padlock in the hole. As a rule remember out of site out of mind.  Store things in solid colored plastic bins and under coats and jackets.  Always park in well lit areas that have good visibility from main roads. Last of all be sure your items are insured.  Don't assume all your items are will be covered by your current insurance policy.  Call your insurance agent to discuss. I take photos of all my rods, reels, electronics and tackle at the beginning of the year in case there is a issue.  It is much easier to remember what you had if you have a photo for reference.  

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Early Spring Fishing Lure Tune Ups

Crank Bait Tips and Tricks
  What do you do in the early spring months before the ice is out.  Here at Hooksetter Supply we take the time to fine tune our lures and re-line our reels with new braided line.  Look over all your crank baits and lures for bent or hooks that need replacing.  You will find over time it is the small thing that usually come between you and that one that got away.  We believe in changing out every round split ring for an oval ring.  Oval spit rings are 50% stronger than traditional round rings and are self centering to keep the split off to the side where it should be.
  We also change out every treble hook and the spit rings that holds the hook.  We understand this is not in the budget for every angler but if you only do it to your go to baits it can be affordable.  We opt for a #3 Owner hyper wire split rings and Owner treble hooks.  The reason for the switch out is not all treble hooks are balanced correctly and a well balanced hook allows the bait to move correctly through the water.  We also like to use red hooks on certain baits and also like the advantages of using a thicker wire hook.